Muslims demand separatism and apartheid in the UK

I have given up being shocked at what Muslims in Western civilised societies demand from their host countries. I still however am shocked by how Western countries tolerate totally unacceptable demands and in fact bend over backwards to placate them no matter how other peoples rights are trampled in the process.

Yet again what would receive an emphatic no if the demand came from any other Religion has been listened to and accepted as a legitimate demand by the weak and morally bankrupt authorities.

Civilised society rejects separatism and apartheid. We have fought long and hard in our societies to gain equal rights for all. Our equality is hard won and it guts me to see it given away the moment Muslims make a fuss.

Would you believe that even in death these particular UK Muslims hate Infidels so much that they will not tolerate being buried next to them in a non-denominational, multi-faith facility?

Summary of facts:

  • Gipsy great-grandfather’s body ‘could be EXHUMED’ – because family of Muslim in neighbouring plot don’t want their relative buried next to a ‘non-believer’
  • Shadrack Smith, 89, buried in multi-faith cemetery after death in January
  • Bereft family had paid ?2,500 to buy three plots side-by-side at cemetery
  • Family who own neighbouring plot complained Mr Smith was not Muslim
  • ?Smith family claim they were told that Mr Smith’s body could be exhumed
  • Council denies it is considering exhumation but said it was committed ‘to reaching an amicable and acceptable solution’

    Principal Officer Julie Perrin said there would be a meeting tomorrow to discuss the 'provision for burials' at the cemetery after a 'huge level' of complaint Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Principal Officer Julie Perrin said there would be a meeting tomorrow to discuss the ‘provision for burials’ at the cemetery after a ‘huge level’ of complaint 


The family of a gipsy great-grandfather fear his body could be exhumed because the relatives of a Muslim man buried in the neighbouring plot have complained that he is an unbeliever.

Shadrack Smith, 89, from Leicester, who was a popular figure in the Romany gipsy community, died on January 13 after breaking his hip on New Year’s Eve and developing pneumonia.

His bereft family paid ?2,500 for three plots at the multi-faith cemetery in Lychgate Lane Cemetery, Burbage, Leicestershire.


But the Muslim family who own a plot next to Mr Smith’s grave (pictured) complained to the council

After a huge traditional Romany funeral with more than 400 people, they buried him with his grave facing towards his home ? also a Romany tradition.

But they were left shocked when a Muslim family who owned a plot next to Mr Smith’s grave complained to the council about their relative being buried next to a ‘non-believer’.

This is the point where the Muslim family should have been told that we do not have Apartheid in the UK and we do not tolerate separatism or racism. It is not acceptable to expect to be buried in a Muslim only part of the cemetery. If you are that intolerant please feel free to dig up your dearly departed. There is no place in our cemetery for discrimination or hate and there is no place for it in a democratic country such as the UK.

Just two weeks after his funeral, which was one of the largest ever held at the cemetery, the family say they have now been warned Mr Smith’s grave may have to be moved.
The local council, which runs the award-winning cemetery, will meet tomorrow to discuss the ‘provision for burials’ at the cemetery but denies that exhumation has been discussed as an option.
But it said it was ‘sympathetic to the feelings of both families concerned’ and is ‘committed to reaching an amicable and acceptable solution.’

Excuse my French but bugger their feelings! Next thing they will want a sexually segregated cemetery! Let them be offended or upset. Why do these weak people think that if someone is upset they must be placated? If A Muslim man is upset that we do not allow him to marry a 12 year old girl that he fancies are we going to try to reach an amicable and acceptable solution? Are we going to be sympathetic to Pedophilia? simply because his sick ideology thinks it is OK? We need to remember that we are civilised and it is our moral and patriotic duty to defend our civilisation at all costs from the demands of the backward and the barbaric.

His distraught family, which includes eight children, 25 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren, have now vowed to fight ‘tooth and nail’ to ensure Mr Smith’s body is not moved.

His daughter-in-law Tracey Smith 46, said: ‘This whole thing has devastated our family.

‘We were told when we bought the plots that it was a multi-faith cemetery and it is, but the council has been so unsupportive.

‘I feel for the Muslim family because they obviously thought they were going to only have other Muslim families buried around them, but that’s not our fault, or our mistake.

Does this lady have rocks in her head? Why on earth does she have sympathy for people so prejudiced and horrible that they think that her Grandfather will some how affect their relative buried beside him because he is not a member of their backward ideology. Imagine if a Nazi family refused to bury their loved one beside someone from a Jewish family. Imagine if a Pakeha refused to be buried beside a Maori. Imagine if a Communist refused to be buried beside a Capitalist. Imagine if a Catholic refused to be buried beside a Hindu. Anyone who thinks like that deserves nothing but scorn for their prejudice.

‘We have been in the right, and yet the council has tried to bend over backwards to please the Muslim family.’

She added: ‘We have been told we might have to exhume Shady if the council decide to side with the Muslim family.

‘My mother-in-law found a plot which faced their home, which is a Romany tradition, and it was perfect.

‘So we paid, but to then have the council trying to get us to move when we have done nothing wrong, it’s disgusting. We have not been able to grieve because of all this drama, and it’s been awful.’

The principal officer of the council contacted Mr Smith’s family and asked if they would consider moving Mr Smith to an alternative plot.

The council allegedly also asked if it could use one of the family’s empty plots in between the two graves to plant a hedge as a separation.

But Mrs Smith, from Aston Firs, Leicester, added: ‘She said we should find another site but she did not even apologise to us.

‘Then our undertaker phoned saying the she had been on the phone to them to see if they could use one of our plots to plant a hedge as a kind of barrier. But the bodies will still be together six feet underground so what is the point?

‘There is no way Shady will be exhumed, if they suggest it we will take them to the highest court in the land. We will fight tooth and nail to stop the grave being dug up.’

Burbage Parish Council yesterday said the family of the Muslim man may have mistakenly believed his grave was in an Islam-only section of the cemetery.

Principal Officer Julie Perrin said there would be a meeting tomorrow to discuss the ‘provision for burials’ at the cemetery.

She said: ‘There was a huge level of complaint so the correct procedure has been followed.

Here is the nub of the problem and the reason why Muslims almost always get what they want in our societies. They don’t just complain like ordinary people do, they make a ‘ huge level of complaint. ‘ Muslims protest loudly and violently. They hold signs that have the word death on them. They cause media storms and always, always, in the back of people’s minds is that fear of the religion of peace.

‘There appears to be an assumption or misunderstanding on the part of the family complaining because there is nothing in our policy documents about there being any segregation.

‘There will be a meeting regarding the policy (of segregating graves depending on faith) where I hope the majority of the 20 councillors will attend but the families will not be represented there.’

When asked about a possible exhumation, she added: ‘Any application for moving a body would have to go through the Home Office if a family wanted that doing.’