National is stuck on flypaper, and gets more stuck as it struggles


Yes, it’s boring. ?Yes, it’s beltway. ?But yes, it is now a pattern of poor decision making that is starting to dog this government

Police were asking questions about former Northland MP Mike Sabin back in August last year.

Sources have confirmed this to ONE News as questions continue to dog Prime Minister John Key about exactly when he found out about Mr Sabin’s troubles.

National MPs met today at the first caucus of 2015, minus one, Mr Sabin, after his sudden resignation last Friday for family reasons.

MPs and party chiefs questioned by reporters are sticking to the Prime Minister’s line that he first knew in December.

But ONE News has tonight confirmed that in early August police started looking into allegations against Mr Sabin. Two months later, on October 22, he was appointed chair of law and order select committee.

“Mike Sabin was a chair of the law and order select committee and…if there was a police investigation then there was a potential conflict of interest,” Labour leader Andrew Little says.

ONE News started making inquiries to government agencies and Mr Sabin on November 25. December 1 is now when Mr Key says he first heard Mr Sabin had family issues. Then, last Friday, January 30, Mr Sabin resigned.

It is simply impossible to believe John Key wasn’t told by anyone for such an extended period of time. ?He’s told?everything.

Perhaps he was wearing a different hat?


– One News