National Party manager Greg Hamilton: rules don’t apply to us

Imagine there are council-imposed watering restrictions and you are caught watering your lawn on the wrong day. ? What do you say? ? “Oops”? ?”Sorry”? ?”It was a genuine mistake”?

Apparently, when you are National?Party manager Greg Hamilton, you lecture people on how water restrictions don’t apply to non-residential properties.

Staff at National Party headquarters have been told to observe council water conservation measures after a garden sprinkler was used in an apparent breach of council rules.

Party manager Greg Hamilton confirmed the sprinkler was running yesterday and said he would remind staff about water restrictions.

However, he claimed the rules did not apply to the building, because the property was on a commercial rate.

The Wellington City Council has imposed restrictions that allow a single unattended sprinkler to be used only on odd-numbered days at odd-numbered houses and on even-numbered days at even-numbered addresses.

The National Party offices are at 41 Pipitea St and the date was February 18.

The council’s restrictions allow watering only between 6am and 8am, and 7pm and 9pm. The unattended sprinkler was spotted running at about 8.10am. Council spokesman Richard MacLean said the council would likely send someone around for a friendly chat – or unfriendly chat if the message doesn’t get through to someone breaking the rules.

“As far as the city council is concerned it doesn’t matter if the property is residential or commercially rated. Even if it does have a meter, it doesn’t mean people can start watering when others can’t,” he said.

There was a potential fine of $5000. “We probably will send someone around [to National’s headquarters]. It’s not exactly Watergate but we do take these things seriously.”

I know this is another Dominion Post hit piece. ?(Et tu, Vernon?) ?Restrictions come on at 8:00am, and they “were spotted” at 8:10am. ?Seriously, this is nothing but an opportunistic beat-up.

But that still doesn’t excuse the absolutely arrogant and entitled response from Hamilton.

Politics is a perception game. ?All the people that would like to see National go the way of the Moa are working the “3rd term-itis” and “arrogance” angles.

Last thing National needs to do is give the media negative?stories?on a platter.


– Vernon Small, The Dominion Post