National to target “Family hardship”

Listen up folks: ?Poverty, that statistical abomination that the opposition uses to guilt us all into thinking we have a quarter of a million kids that go without the essentials of life, is on the outer. ?National are not addressing poverty, but they will deal with family hardship.

Prime Minister John Key has announced a review of the ways the Government spends billions on vulnerable families and children ahead of the Budget in May.

A review on what we are spending and retargeting money that isn’t providing a good returns is a good initiative. ?It won’t please the left, as they just want “more money”. ?As if more money has ever solved anything by itself.

“The Government is looking at ways to help families and children in material hardship,” he said in his Prime Minister’s statement….

“As a first step, the Government will look hard at the billions of dollars already spent on vulnerable families and children to determine how this could be better used.”

Expect some bludgers with manufactured hardship to face some real hardship unless they get off their arses and back to work. ?

The May Budget is expected to contain new measures for tackling hardship and child poverty in particular.

His did not yet [specify] which programmes were under review and whether it would include the various programmes under the Working for Families umbrella.

Some more detail would be good. ?Especially where we are subsidising lifestyle beneficiaries that live in a 6 bedroom state house, none of them are employed, yet are still all walking around with smart phones, have Sky connected, and there is a vehicle for everyone over 18 sitting on the badly maintained lawn.

But he said the Government’s focus would continue to be on getting parents into full-time work “because this is widely acknowledged to be the best way to raise children out of poverty.”

That’s the way to do it. ?Layabouts and sponges should not get a free ride. ?In fact, if it is easier to get a job than it is to get free money from hard working tax payers, then we’ll finally be at a position where the truly deserving are left. ?And, those I don’t begrudge the help.


– NZ Herald