National’s Northland Nominees

The National Party has released the names of the five nominees who have made it through preselection.

The nominees are Mita Harris, Matt King, Grant McCallum, Mark Osborne and Karen Rolleston.

It is an open secret that the National caucus and board all want Grant McCallum to become the candidate. Grant is known to be a fantastic bloke to go out on the lash with, known for his ability to consume alcohol and chase women discretely and not rat them out to the media or their missus.

He is one of the most popular guys at National conferences as he is a real talent when it comes to extra curricular activities. ?

There is also a move to get Grant into caucus with a view to getting him to be the designated drinker in any coalition negotiations with Winston after the 2017 election.

National has few decent drinkers in caucus, which is going to cause problems at 3 am, Winston?s favoured negotiation time.

Like other former board members who have gone into parliament, Tisch, Roy & Bennett, caucus do not think Grant will be a threat to their career prospects.

The biggest threat to Grant’s political career is his stroppy missus who is more likely to curtail it before it really gets going than anything else.

I agree with David Farrar though, Grant and Karen Rolleston would have to be the favourites, but remember this is the electorate who selected Mike Sabin, so anything could happen.