National’s Northland Selection

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David Farrar has the early?mail on the Northland selection where long time National?Board Member and cow cocky Grant McCallum has decided to?trade in looking at the wrong end of cows all day and has?nominated.

After careful consideration, my family and I have?decided the time is right to put my name forward. This is an?opportunity to work with all of Northland’s?communities and serve the people of Northland to?continue the work of the John Key led Government in focusing?on the opportunities in the North, both economic and social.?If selected, I will be a strong voice for Northland in the?National Government.

Sources inside the National Party in Northland are watching?closely as the words is that Grant has form when it comes to?nominating and then withdrawing. He was an early front?runner in the 2011 selection until his tricky missus put her?foot down and told him he could not run. ? ?

This time around the tricky missus has less time to yank the?chain as the selection process is extremely truncated. The?problem for Grant is that the rumour is that he had a family?conference and the family voted 2-2 for him to run, and he?forgot the missus has the special casting vote.

The National caucus are hoping that Grant’s tricky missus?will not cast her casting vote. Grant is a known quantity, a?great bloke to have a few drinks and chase chicks with, and?the life and soul of the party on the rare occasions he?manages to slip the noose. More importantly Grant is considered?slightly short in the brain department so is not a threat to?them getting promoted.

Whatever happens in Northland it will be a fair contest run?by a regional chair who is not a member of the bugger’s?muddle and will not allow, let alone participate, in any?skullduggery.

The word is that anyone trying any?skullduggery will be taken out the back and beaten to ensure the?selection is fair.