Never listen to unionists, especially Helen Kelly

Helen Kelly vehemently opposed the filming of The Hobbit in New Zealand.

She nearly got her way with her henchmen from Australia.

But, over 300,000 visitors went to Matamata last year as a result of the Hobbit movies.

Matamata’s Hobbiton movie set last night hosted a group of international cruise customers accompanied by some Hobbit cast and crew.

Crystal Cruises chose Hobbiton to host its 25th anniversary celebrations for 500-plus clientele, with organisers hoping it will help put New Zealand on the world stage.

Hobbit actors Mark Hadlow, John Callen, Jed Brophy and Peter Hambleton mingled with the passengers on their guided 1.2km trek around the movie set.

Hobbiton has come a long way since it opened in December 2002 by hosting a half-full 12-seater van. ??

Last year more than 300,000 people visited, with people having to be turned away yesterday because of last night’s exclusive event.

In farm hills owned by the Alexander family, they were treated to new night lighting and a market, a laser show and guest appearance by Smaug, the smoke-billowing, fire breathing dragon, thanks to Weta creative director Richard Taylor.

How many jobs did that create?

And Helen Kelly?reckons that she’s?here to support the workers?

Pull the other one.

Union rarely have anything of value to add, unionists pushing their bandwagons, even less.

Helen Kelly and the CTU opposes The Hobbit, they should be put in stocks at Hobbiton and pelted with rotten fruit and then run out of the village on a rail.

– NZ Herald