NEW SPONSOR: Web2PrintDownUnder

I would like to welcome?Web2PrintDownUnder?as another Whaleoil sponsor.

Web2PrintDownUnder will sponsor a new post, “Sign of the Day”. ?Similar to?Map of the Day, sign of the day will be a sign that may invoke debate, laughter or simply a groan, but the point is to keep?Web2PrintDownUnder in front of you so you will remember them next time you need a sign made.

Support businesses that support Whaleoil: ?Please look into?Web2PrintDownUnder’s services – they are specifically handy at getting signs made up for all sorts of low (and high!) volume jobs.



Companies that want a high quality audience to advertise to as well as support Whaleoil, please click on “Contact” at the top of the page, and follow your nose.

Readers who find particularly funny or notable signs during their Internet travels are invited to send me a link via email (check the Contact page) so it can be considered for the Sign of the Day post.

– Pete