No more free dole money for teens says Conservative Party

Jobless youngsters will be forced to pick up litter or carry out other community work if they want to receive benefits, David Cameron will say today.

In a major speech on Tory welfare plans, the Prime Minister will claim it is wrong for them to be allowed to go straight on to the dole.

He will pledge that a future Tory government will introduce mandatory community work for unemployed youngsters in order to instil the ?discipline of turning up for work each day?.

Mr Cameron said last night that making young people work for their dole would help them ?make something of their lives? and ensure they gave something back to their community in return for ?help? from the government.

The move is part of Tory plans to ?abolish? the scourge of long-term youth unemployment.

Under original plans, claimants would only receive benefits for six months before being required to start an apprenticeship or carry out community work.

But Tory sources said the scheme would now be ?turbo-charged? to require young people to carry out community work from the first day of their claim.

I see nothing wrong with having large groups of teens painting over graffiti, mowing berms, clearing weeds and shrubs, checking trap lines, pest control, gorse spraying, or picking up litter along roads and waterways. ?I see no point in making work for them for the sake of it, but if they’re just at home playing XBox or sending genitalia pictures to each other while the government sends them free money, they might as well do something useful if it needs doing.

?Our welfare reforms are about changing lives and making this a country that rewards work and gives everyone the chance of a better future,? he said. ?We want to get rid of that well-worn path from the school gate, down to the Job Centre, and onto a life on benefits.

?From day one they must realise that welfare is not a one-way street. Yes, we will help them, but there is no more something for nothing. They must give back to their community too.?

Of course, if we had a real National Party instead of Labour-Lite, we would be seeing similar policies in New Zealand.