No wonder he opposed National Standards, he was so crap he actually got fired

This ratbag principal opposed National Standards in education so vociferously you’d have though he was simply the best principal known to mankind.

Except it turns out he is a dead beat and tits at his job, so bad in fact that he got fired from a profession that rewards tenure and mediocrity.

Carterton teacher Kevin Jephson says he and his wife have to sell their home after he was sacked as Dalefield School principal.

The vocal opponent of National Standards has headed the school since 1993 but was fired on December 22 for incompetency as a principal and as a teacher, he said.

He and wife Barbara, also a teacher, were today preparing to sell their two-storey house and .5ha section, which they bought 18 years ago as a “dream family home”.

“I paid off all our mortgages last year and a month later I was fired. We were meant to be staying here much longer and maybe selling in the long-term. Now we have to think of survival and I’m trying to get our house sold, so we don’t get into debt.” ??

Mr Jephson was fired a week after school broke up, he said, and almost two years after the dissolution of the Dalefield School board of trustees and the appointment of commissioner Tim White “because of the risk of the educational performance of its students and the operation of the school”.

An ERO report months earlier recommended ministry intervention after board “incompetence” was discovered and the school was deemed as “not well placed to improve its performance”.

Of course like all useless journeymen he thinks there is a conspiracy to get rid of him because it couldn’t possibly be because he was just so deadset useless.

“I think the bureaucracy was out to get me. Two years ago they treated our board of trustees like dogs and they sacked me just because I wouldn’t quit,” Mr Jephson said.

Mr Jephson has had a career in education spanning four decades in Auckland and Wairarapa. When he took the helm at Dalefield School, he was the fourth principal in three years, he said, and had come to the job after working as Castlepoint School principal and deputy principal at Carterton School.

“I’m retirement age but I have no plans to retire. I didn’t want to stop being principal, and I don’t want to stop teaching.”

I’m afraid you will stop teaching…you are hopeless. Now Bugger off.


– Wairarapa Times-Age