Northland Selection Update

At Sunday’s Northland meet the candidates meeting caucus?favourite and National board member Grant McCallum looked to?be struggling against some strong competition.

Mark Osborne and Karen Rolleston had very good selection?speeches, and came across as more competent than the other?three.

The other three were passable but not as polished as?Mark and Karen.

Sources in caucus are saying that there is some heavy?lifting being done behind the scenes to improve Grant?McCallum’s performance. Caucus are desperate to have?McCallum in as their designated drinker for coalition?negotiations with Winston post 2017, as David ‘Cancer’ Bennett is?not thought to be up to it.?

Other members of the caucus are?just keen to have a guy who shares the wealth when it comes?to picking up women as parliamentary baby and aspiring male?model Todd Barclay doesn’t understand that he is supposed to?help his mates when he is on the pull.

Outside of caucus there are mutterings that Grant McCallum isn’t half the man his father is, a bloke who has a strong reputation amongst the locals. The thought is Grant has bottled his run to be MP too many times, the sad result of a stroppy missus.

The final selection vote is going to be very interesting,?and it appears unlikely that it will be settled on the first?or second ballot as there is no clear frontrunner.