Northland selection update

Everything is sounding good from the National selection in Northland.

My spies tell me that skullduggery is being nipped in the?bud and observant and proper management of the process is underway. Some people who failed to maintain their membership have found out that the new regional chair?plays strictly by the rules and they are being quoted liberally, along with the words “tough luck pal”. Some people have managed to get board exemptions and that is permissible within the rules, but from the sounds of it those are few and far between.

The rules are being enforced strictly…which is very pleasing to hear.

There is one little issue that has been drawn to my attention that needs some clarification.

It seems one branch is, shall we say, top-heavy with membership. It could be suggested that the branch has been stacked and when you look at the recent members it certainly appears a little untoward.

Suffice to say this has been looked at closely and even though some members are children they are all over the age of 12 which is well within the rules and constitution.

I seem to remember being 15 or so when participating in my first selection as a delegate in the old Eden electorate.

Anyway it appears that the Regional officers are aware of the issue and have checked the rules.

Of course using such tactics may provide some blow back for the candidate concerned, people really don’t like this sort of edginess in the National party. ?

Feedback on the reception of the candidates is mostly positive.

I’m told that Grant McCallum’s manky missus might just get her wish, that her husband loses. It seems Grant may have over estimated his support across the electorate as usual. He is liked in?the?south but not so much in the north. Grant himself will be hoping no one asks him any sort of questions outside of how to milk a cow or why he always agrees with everything John Key says.

Mark Osborne may be the surprise package. He seems to be well liked in many different areas across the electorate. He has certainly won some awards for his business efforts.

Likewise Mita Harris seems popular amongst a different sector but is winning some delegates over in others.

Matt King is popular in the north, but again with some graft is winning over some other delegates.

the word is though that Karen Rolleston is making some good in roads and impressing delegates.

It certainly sounds like a close fought race and certainly not the march towards Wellington that Grant McCallum was hoping for, which will probably please his stroppy missus no end.

Roger Bridge, his drinking buddy on the board, probably isn’t so happy either, especially if Grant loses as it is likely the missus will curtail his board participation.