It’s not your house…get out

The state house bludgers of Glen Innes still think they are living in their own houses…they are not, they are living in our houses and for some reason they think they shouldn’t have to move.

They’ve even roped in a political sell out in their battle.

Simon Collins, as usual, is pimping the poor again:

Former MP Hone Harawira has been called in to try to ease tensions in Glen Innes after a rock was thrown at a removal man trying to move a state house out of the area last year.

Mr Harawira, who was arrested at an earlier protest against the house removals in 2012, introduced the state tenants’ group last week to the man who has bought nine of their houses and wants to take a further 30 – Ricky Houghton of He Korowai Trust in Kaitaia.

Their arrival surprised the protest group at their regular Tuesday night meeting at Glen Innes Primary School and two members walked out.

Mr Houghton said those who stayed expressed their anger about his trust buying their homes.

“For the very first time, I saw and felt their frustration and their fear,” he said. “It just made me cry, but I was not crying because of my situation, I was crying with them.

They were crying too.”

His mission followed a halt put on house removals after a series of violent incidents. Housing NZ chief executive Glenn Sowry said none had been removed since protesters blocked a removal truck last October.

“The blocking of this last scheduled relocation from Torrington Crescent followed a series of increasingly dangerous incidents at earlier house removals, including the destruction of a removal truck engine, and a contractor being knocked unconscious by a rock thrown at his head.”

So let’s get this straight.

One, they are not “their” hoiuses, they are ours…they are tenants and the landlord has given them legal notice to vacate.

They don’t like that.

Second, they are thugs, using criminal activities to try and get their way…vandalism and violence are not the answer except for these people.

Yet the Herald pimps their story. Why is it the Herald always sides with criminals, thugs and scumbags?

He invited the group to visit Kaitaia to see how the houses were being used, and offered to help them do something similar. “I would like to help the group apply and gain that accreditation so they too can be a social housing provider,” he said.

But a member of the group, Jimmy O’Dea, said the group was unlikely to visit Kaitaia. “It will be decided on Tuesday night but I can’t see it.”

One of the two who walked out, Sue Henry, said the group had heard “on the grapevine” that Mr Houghton wanted to meet them and voted again at a meeting two weeks ago not to meet him.

“I actually got a shock to see them there. Where do Housing NZ get off, sending bullies down to intimidate us out of our homes? It’s disgusting.”

So here is a guy willing to?help these drop kicks and all they can do is threaten, abuse and refuse.

They are not their houses, get out.

What is actually disgusting is that these people think they have a right to a house for life. Bludgers.


– NZ Herald