NOW ON SALE: SonovaMin’s new book!


You’ve asked for it, and now it is here…. ?



This 108 page coffee table book is unique. ?It would never have come into existence through the normal press. ?The cartoons themselves would?never have been published by anyone other than Whaleoil.

I continue to be amazed at SonovaMin’s near-clairvoyance. ?It is clearly on display as you go from page to page. ?”How did he know?”.

He’s a very keen observer of the political process and its players, and frequently his cartoons portend something that others are yet to put into words.

Now is your turn to own some very unique New Zealand art and literature. ?(We promise, the text next to the cartoons will be easier to read than ( you know who’s book).

It sells for $30, including delivery, to New Zealand addresses.

SonovaMin has set up a dedicated web site here.

PLEASE support SonovaMin by buying his book. ? He doesn’t get paid for producing the cartoons. ?He has been supporting Whaleoil for over a year. ?Now it’s time for us to give him a tangible “thank you”.

BONUS: ?He has guaranteed, in fact, sworn a blood oath on a kitten as well as a Kiwi, that he will NOT do the following: ?1) snub the NZ Post judges. ?2) be embarrassed to be a New Zealander, and 3) ?declare the current government morally bankrupt and profit driven.

Please order your copy here.