NZ journalist sows racial disharmony

Apparently Maori are ticked off with the Prime Minister for not consulting with them about the flag.

Or so says Laura McQuillan

The push to change the flag could spark a Treaty claim ? with some Maori unhappy about a lack of consultation.

Ngapuhi elder Patu Hohepa says John Key?s speech at Waitangi on Friday was the first engagement with Maori on the flag referendum.

“Nothing has ever come out to us except through newspapers, radio and television. It’s sad.”

Dr Hohepa warns concerns could be raised at the Waitangi Tribunal.

“I think there would be action from now on for the recognition of the flag, there’s already been some submissions based on that, but we’ll certainly now put that all together so he can understand where we are coming from.”

Patu Hohepa says many in Maoridom would like to see a return to the United Tribes flag ? which was New Zealand?s first flag, in 1834.

Mr Hohepa was especially critical of John Key?s now-abandoned suggestion of a black flag with a silver fern.

“Black being a sign of death in all nations, and silver being a sign of prosperity of those, the 10% who hold the wealth of the world, that should never be thought about as the flag of New Zealand.”

So, one guy speaks for all of Maoridom? ?I think not. ? So “Maori” aren’t at odds with John Key, but Patu Hohepa is.

I think I can find an curry eater, a whinger, a tulip muncher, a seppo?and several others who haven’t been consulted about the flag either.

In fact, come to think of it, I haven’t been consulted.

That is, if you ignore the fact that Key is going through a huge process of informing the public leading up to a referendum.

But a referendum isn’t consulting the public, is it? ? Or is it?

Are Maori more equal yet again?

Or is this just Patu Hohepa finding a compliant journo to turn a personal opinion into a national stance held by all Maori for the purposes of creating news instead of reporting it.

Were you consulted Laura McQuillan was going to write this point of view on behalf of the rest of us?


If you want to see a journo who is just stirring the brown stuff instead of reporting on facts, check out what she reported last Friday


In the mean time, this is headlining at her news organisation


Is it any wonder the public are giving up on “media”?

Anyway, why?the hell?will it be a treaty claim over a flag? ?The flag that was around when the treaty was signed was the Union jack. ? Would Patu?prefer that?


– Newstalk ZB