NZ Post reacts to shrinking mail volumes – again


via RNZ

Changes to the way mail is delivered will be rolled out from July, with New Zealand Post confirming cuts to delivery days.

The move follows the on-going decline in posted letters and comes as the company looks to refocus on its growing parcel business.

From July, mail will be delivered every second day in larger towns and cities, rolling out to smaller centres over two years.

Rural deliveries remain largely unchanged.

And Fastpost apparently will still make it through every day, even though your postie will be in the street only every other day. ?(Oh, look! ?I have a bridge I can sell you).

Rural deliveries will remain largely unchanged because they are effectively already running on an unofficial ‘glide-time’ basis, so perhaps it’s better to say rural deliveries won’t degrade even further for the moment.

I think it’s actually simple: ?if speed isn’t a problem, and you want 2-3 day delivery on letters that are relatively cheap, use NZ Post. ?For everything else, use a courier.

And if you’re not 70 or older, perhaps you can use that newfangled Interweb thingy to get most of your communications needs sorted.

How do you view this now? ?Is a 3 day a week mail delivery service going to impact your life in a meaningful way?

– Radio Live