Oh bugger… so many lies

At the weekend it was revealed Mr Key and Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross had dined at the home of controversial Chinese businessman Donghua Liu in August 2013, which led to a $25,000 donation to Mr Ross’ election campaign.


Mr Key’s office last year said there was “no record” of who attended fundraising dinners with the Prime Minister, and that he “recalls seeing Mr Liu at various functions, including a dinner as part of a National Party fundraiser” ? but the fact it was at Liu’s home wasn’t disclosed.


Liu later became an embarrassment for the Government, the property developer’s dealings with minister Maurice Williamson leading to his resignation, and has since been in court facing domestic violence charges.

The dinner was one of the National Party’s controversial ‘Cabinet Club’ fundraising events, in which donors get access to high-ranking MPs and ministers. Mr Key says the party is “under no obligation” to make the details of those meetings public.

“We’re not going to get into a situation where we say where we went to dinner, and whether I had the chicken or the fish. We’re just not going to be doing that ? no other political party does, no one’s required to do that,” he says.

“There’s no great secret that we have to raise money for elections, and we have lots of dinners. I personally don’t involve myself in fundraisers, if you like, in terms of the sense of raising money; I never talk to people about money, I don’t receive donations, wouldn’t have had a clue basically how much he and the other guests were giving, whether it was a lot or nothing ? I just go to a series of dinners.

“But that’s also true of every political leader in Parliament ? everybody has to raise money, because the other alternative is the taxpayer does.”

The donation to Mr Ross, made before Liu’s legal troubles began, was returned 15 months later ? after last year’s general election. Liu called it a “slap in the face”, but Mr Ross says it had nothing to do with bad publicity surrounding Liu ? he simply didn’t need the money after the party covered his election expenses.

And 3, and 4.

I suspect Key and Ross are all puckered up. ?They’re pretty brazen putting information out there that could be proven to be wrong by the next Herald article.

What party hands back money “it doesn’t need”? ?I’m sure that all the other MPs will be handing in their expenses to the party to have those “covered” as well. ?Think of all the money that can be refunded to donors!!

Maurice Williamson gets fired for making a phone call relating to?Liu, but Ross and Key get to keep their?jobs after taking $25,000 in cold hard dollars.

What a mess.

They’re playing high stakes poker here. ?Just wait for Liu to leak the next installment to media.

This year feels very different so far. ? National should be on their knees thanking God that Andrew Little is just as tits as the people he stabbed in the back to get the job.


– Dan Satherly, 3 News