Oh the irony: Greens call for cross-party support

To be honest, I didn’t think the Greens knew there was such a thing as working together with people, but it’s nice to see they’ve heard of the concept when trying to score some quick political points. ? Especially as it wasn’t the Greens that brought the issue up in the first place.

The Greens say MPs shouldn’t be given pay increases that are out of step with those of most other Kiwis.

“MPs’ salaries are going up by $8200 but the median income rose only $1300 last year,” said co-leader Russel Norman.

“We’re calling for cross-party support to agree on a system of index linking.”

The 5.5 percent increase was announced yesterday by the independent Remuneration Authority.

MPs’ pay has risen to $156,000 a year, the prime minister’s to $452,300 and cabinet ministers’ to $283,400.

The remuneration authority needs a kick up the hoohaa. ?With inflation near zero percent, and general market increases in the range of 1.7 (from memory), there is no way to justify a 5.5% increase. ? You could say they’ve increased New Zealand’s productivity, but we’re still running deficits, so I’m not sure how you can earn 5.5% and look the tax payer in the eye. ?

Dr Norman says if median incomes go up, MPs’ salaries should go up by the same dollar amount.

If median incomes go down, MPs salaries should go down by the same dollar amount.

Prime Minister John Key doesn’t think there should have been any increase.

He says he told the authority that, but it didn’t listen to him.

“I think they should point to the law and tell us what, in the law, is driving the increase,” he said.

“And then we should consider whether it’s appropriately set.”

Labour leader Andrew Little says there’s something wrong when the minimum wage goes up by 50 cents an hour, as it did this week, and MPs get a pay rise of $8200.

“There’s a problem with the way these determinations are made,” he said.

Cross party support on working on a process of looking at a new flag, and cross party support to link MPs salay increases to something tangible. ?Our parliament certainly knows when to work together and not let petty politicking get in the way.


– 3 News