Ok. This is weird


Mysterious plumes over 150 miles high have been recorded erupting on Mars by amateur astronomers ? and the strange discovery has scientists stumped.

The bright flares have now died away, but they were spotted on two occasions ? lasting for 10 days each time ? by amateur astronomers in 2012. The dusty plumes were seen rising to altitudes of 155 miles (250km) and spread out over a region measuring 300-600 miles wide

I’m not an expert, but that’s obviously swamp gas. ?

Amateur astronomer Wayne Jaeschke, who spends about 100 nights a year watching the heavens, was looking at footage of Mars he had captured in his private observatory when he noticed the plumes. He shared the images with friends and then it was circulated among amateur and professional astronomers.

Scientists are using the Hubble data along with amateur images to find out what the plumes are made of and what might be causing them to occur. The announcement about a week after NASA?s Maven Spacecraft arrived to study Mars? upper atmosphere.

Mars certainly is an interesting place, with photos that show erosion caused by liquids, liquids spilling from hill sides (not there on pass, there the next), change of colour of… something in a seasonal way.

Something would have to explode or have a huge impact onto the surface to get a 150 mile high plume… ?Like a volcano or a meteor impact.

But here’s the truly weird thing…

?I don?t think it?s real?basic physics says this can?t occur,? Todd Clancy, planetary scientist at the Space Science Institute, told USA Today, adding that Mars? upper atmosphere doesn?t supply the necessary ingredients for clouds.


– RT