Party that campaigned on undermining national security upset they are not invited to the national security meeting

Credit: Mark Mitchell

Credit: Mark Mitchell

How precious can you get? ? The Green Taliban have spent years saying the likes of the GCSB should be disbanded, our armed forces should not enter theatres of war, and the SIS and the Government can’t be trusted, but they would very much like to be part of the group of people to deal with national security issues.

National and Labour have shut all other parties out of Parliament’s most powerful committee – the committee that will oversee a major review of the country’s intelligence services.

The move has caused a rift between Labour and the Greens, with co-leader Russel Norman fuming at being left out.

The review of our spying agencies comes after a furore over revelations in 2013 that 88 Kiwis were spied on illegally by the Government Communications Security Bureau and a subsequent tightening up of the law.

For the past couple of parliamentary terms, Labour has nominated one of its own MPs and one Green MP to be on the committee.

But new Labour leader Andrew Little has made a Captain’s Call, appointing himself and intelligence spokesman David Shearer instead.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman has unleashed on Twitter, accusing National and Labour of an “old boys’ club”.

“Illegal spying at GCSB happened under Lab and Nat ministers. And SIS persecution of Zaoui happened under Lab – courts found SIS in wrong,” Dr Norman posted on Twitter.

Apart from the fact that it is very clear there is no love lost between Labour and the Green Taliban after the election, it is clear that the Green party aren’t going to be constructive partners.

Just look how they sabotaged the taxpayer out of a billion dollars by running a sharemarket scare with their NZ Power scam. ?And they want to be trusted with National Security matters?

Labour hasn’t made a lot of calls that I can get behind, but even they can see the idiocy of letting the Green numpties anywhere near the important stuff.


– One News