“Prominent New Zealander” to lose name suppression 5pm March 19

not him

not him

Now, to keep them apart, we have one “prominent New Zealander” that has been in the news and his victim has been in the news also asking for the name suppression to be dropped. ?He was the one that David Cunliffe had a lunch date with.

This “prominent New Zealander” is someone else. ?

I invite our readers to read carefully, but comments will be closed to prevent speculation. (Don’t do it in Backchat either – you’ll be banned). ?Just take in the information that is available, and let it settle in.

He faces twelve charges of indecent assault.

He is alleged to have performed this indecent assault against two different people, including touching breasts, buttocks, groin and thigh.

And if you think that is maybe not as bad as you thought, wait until suppression lapses so you can be told the full circumstances of the alleged offending.

Name suppression is due to lapse on March 19, but it remains in place for the time being to allow the “high profile individual” a chance to appeal.

Tick tock.