Psychology 101 “reverse psychology” trick works for Key

Earlier this week Key said that he expected to have a rough time at Waitangi. ?Elders were all over the media for days saying that it wasn’t likely, and it was a time to listen and not be heard.


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Prime Minister John Key has arrived to what may be his most peaceful gathering at Waitangi Marae.

Flanked by waka crews, he walked on to the lower marae today?escorted by the marae’s dowager Titewhai Harawira and her daughter Hinewhare.

A lone voice called out, “you’re coming without goodwill”, but that was the only negative note.

A handful of protesters objecting to the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement stood on the roadside.

Although the new marae management had made extensive arrangements for the public to be on the marae, fewer than 100 members of the public turned up.

The heavy media presence was given free access and told they were welcome to film anywhere.

As Key left the marae he thanked the new mare committee for “the good things you have done” and described his welcome as “very graceful, very peaceful and very calm”.

He will be holding a press conference shortly.

The amazing thing is not that the reverse psychology worked on the Maori up in Waitangi. ?In fact, if you listen to Key’s speech, he was?constantly verbally harassed.

And yet the media report the event as having only has one negative note.

It’s laugh out loud funny that with Key saying he expected a hard time, the usual protesters were still obliging, but the media are now refusing to report it because it would make Key look right.

Now… will they be ready for the double bluff when Key says something, and they think it’s to manipulate them, but then they know he knows, so is it what he wants all along? ?Or not?

He knows we’re watching, and we know he knows, and he knows we know he knows…