A reader emails about Pat Newman and the demise of the Teachers Council

Following on from your article ?WHEN THE UNIONS, LABOUR AND MILITANT PRINCIPALS COMPLAIN‘ regarding Pat Newman; another reader has provided an update on his undisclosed role and affiliation with the New Zealand Teachers Council.

Hopefully Pat Newman reads Whaleoil, much like Mary Rose Painter (Communications Advisor at the New Zealand Teachers Council), refer Whaleoil article ‘ HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HE WAS REGISTERED (UPDATED)‘ where Mary had emailed requesting the article be amended.

Interesting to note is the Teachers Council and Anna Kirtlan (NZPPTA Communications Advisor and PPTA News Editor) have also made comment in other Whaleoil articles; you have obviously caught their attention Cameron and team.

As a parent, who has had the misfortune of sitting across the table from these people at the Teachers Council, I would like to say they should be ashamed of themselves! With confidence I know I am not a lone parent celebrating the demise of the New Zealand Teachers Council, it has been long overdue for an overhaul.

For the benefit of the Teachers Council (including Pat Newman) and PPTA readers here are some cold hard facts you have unsurprisingly failed to address.

‘Review of the New Zealand Teachers Council’

Report to Hon. Hekia Parata


” In fact only 10 percent of all complaints referred to the CAC have been referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal. The Review Committee was openly told that, in practice, employers and the unions worked together to try to prevent reporting to the Council and that the reporting requirement was used as a lever to settle a dispute”

Given only 10 percent of complaints are fed through to the Disciplinary Tribunal one has to wonder how many cases have been filed ‘elsewhere’.

For the year 2014 so far 76 Disciplinary Tribunal cases have been logged or reported on the NZTC website; 2013 year reported 63 cases.

It is obvious not all cases for either of these years have yet been published.

The most serious Disciplinary Tribunal cases are child sexual offences; 2014 year 15 cases published so far, 2013 year 12 cases published so far.

Again it is obvious there are still cases yet to be published.

Currently there are 3 further child sexual offence cases which have already been sentenced through our Court of Law yet to be addressed by the Teachers Council, and a further 5 cases pending Court outcomes. Of interest 2 of these have previously been convicted for like offences, although this is not surprising as research of media reports uncovers a further 10 such repeat offence cases; 3 repeat offence cases were Principals or Deputy Principals.

Principals and Deputy Principals are not infallible as 11 of them have child sexual offence cases which were sentenced through our Courts, these have been reported in the media along with many other cases which were initially reported to Principals where no action was taken (some actually providing character references for said teachers at resignation) .

Another Principal is currently under investigation by the Teachers Council for his handling of a recent child sexual abuse case, and last year saw the Stephen Hovell case finally go to the Disciplinary Tribunal (ref James Parker).

All of these cases have been reported in the media, although one has to wonder how many have been omitted.

Although the Teachers Council has recently started naming a select few in the Disciplinary Tribunal Decisions published online (thanks to pressure from concerned external parties) information from these decisions are not allowed to be republished. Thankfully a majority of these cases had already been reported in the media prior to the Teachers Council handling them.

Perhaps the delay (sometimes many years) for the Teachers Council to ‘get around’ to dealing with these cases has given time for them to be highlighted in the public arena.

For Pat Newman and these other establishment cronies to proclaim to use ‘the best interest of children’ as their cover story is a mockery.

Given the many years Pat Newman has been ‘involved’ in representing Principals, and sitting on the Teachers Council, he obviously hasn’t managed to make any time to notice anything outside of his gilded cage.

‘Pats hat is in the ring’


23 November 2010

“Mr Newman says he wants to be a part of a government committed to making changes and to promoting social justice for everyone.

“We need changes that can come from being a member of a government which cares and acts in the interests of all people,” he says. “Changes to engender hope. Changes that ensure equity of the economic cake.”

As well as being Hora Hora Primary principal, Mr Newman is the past president of the Tai Tokerau Principals Association and the elected representative on the NZ Teachers Council.

He was a NZ Principals Federation national executive member from 1995 to 2008. Mr Newman is also the treasurer of the Hikurangi Rugby Club.

If Pat Newman or his cronies are interested in any further research data on these abhorrent child sexual abuse cases I have research going back many years, although I am sure Pat Newman at least can request this direct from the Teachers Council personally if he is at all interested in the truth.

These issues are not a new development as they have been reported in the media for many years.

Minister: Hekia Parata (National) December 2011-Incumbent

‘Convicted teachers are flouting the system’

Stuff -?5 March 2012

“When it came to light that a sex offender teacher has been using aliases to keep teaching, the new Education Minister, Hekia Parata, was very quick to launch an inquiry. I urge her to broaden that inquiry to examine the system itself, not just the way in…”


Minister: Anne Tolley (National) November 2008-December 2011

‘Criminal teachers still in class’

Stuff -?29 August 2010

“Educations Minister Anne Tolley said she is in discussions with the teachers council about improvements to the system which has allowed teachers with serious convictions to remain in classrooms”


Minister: Chris Carter (Labour) November 2007-November 2008

‘Quality of new teachers on Carter’s ‘crack it’ list’

Stuff -?1 January 2009

“Most of the “key issues” section of the Teachers Council’s report to Carter was removed before being released to the Star Times. The remaining issue reflected ongoing concern that privacy legislation prevented the council and the ministry sharing information, raising concerns that potentially dangerous teachers those who have been vetted by police or those who have committed serious misconduct may be in classrooms without the council knowing.

Former education minister Steve Maharey, promised to change the legislation but it did not happen. Carter says he did not know of the issue and will be looking into it urgently.”


Minister: Steve Maharey (Labour) October 2005-December 2007

‘Danger at the top of the class’

NZ Herald -?22 October 2006

“Education Minister Steve Maharey has called for an urgent report after a Herald on Sunday investigation revealed teachers with drugs, violence and sexual offences in their past have been permitted to return to the classroom, with parents kept in the dark.”

As a parent, who has had the misfortune of sitting across the table from these people at the Teachers Council, I would like to say thank you to the Minister of Education Hekia Parata? for fully questioning and addressing these issues, but most importantly bringing about change; I look forward to the introduction of EDUCANZ.