If she was really taking aim at censorship laws she would abolish them

NBR reports that Amy Adams is taking aim at out-dated censorship laws.

If she was deadly serious she’d move to abolish them altogether.

Archaic classification laws for new media are in the Minister of Broadcasting?s crosshairs.

Following news of the chief censor taking a closer look at the growing video game and online streaming industries, Amy Adams tells NBR ONLINE she has officials from the Ministry of Justice advising her on ?possible ways forward to address any issues in this area that may start to arise.?

?It is far from clear how the act applies to online content,? says Ms Adams, who also holds?the?portfolios of communications, courts and justice.

?Current classification and standards legislation came into effect over 20 years ago so it was inevitable there would come a time when the current regime would need updating.?

Why is the state even bothering?

The move from broadcasting to content on demand becomes a matter of choice rather than accidental viewing.

People are actually choosing and in many instances pay for content…the state should get out of their way.

Our censorship laws should be relaxed and only cover truly heinous criminal acts against innocents and vulnerable…otherwise we should be embracing freedom.

The move to inhibit/control/censor new media should be opposed not encouraged.