Restaurant Review – Homa Cafe Whangaparaoa – Crap food, rubbish service, don’t eat there

We had the pod out visiting yesterday and were up at Whangaparaoa when we decided to take the family out for dinner, ?we were visiting the area and so thought we would give Homa Cafe?a try.

Spanish Bride is Lebanese and the family enjoys Middle Eastern food, so we are particular about it.

Homa Cafe was a disgrace.

It was the most disgusting meal I have ever encountered.

Apart from fighting the flies for what resembled food but tasted like muck there wasn’t much else to recommend the place.

The service (if you could call it that) was perfunctory and mostly wrong.?Even though it was empty when we arrived we were ignored. I asked him if we should just sit down at a table and he appeared to not hear me even though we were only a metre away. I had to ask for cutlery as the four chair table had only two sets of cutlery on it.?
SB?ordered a Curry and was delivered a plate of rice and bowl of watery soup with some random gristly pieces of ‘meat’ floating in it. ?It looked like Udon noodle soup without the noodles.?Also the potatoes in the so called curry were not cooked through so could not be eaten.

My Chicken Doner was not at all what I ordered and tasted like 3 week old miners socks. It remained uneaten on the plate.

Only our daughter who ordered hot chips was happy.

The three of us who ordered exotic food all lucked out. The garlic bread was not even garlic. It was Lebanese bread with cheese melted on top. Very strange and not tasty.

We will never, as long as my butt points at the ground eat in this place again.

It might have an A health rating but that is no indicator of food quality. If it was at all possible to give a negative score I would.

At nearly $100 plus the stop at Wendys drive through to get some real food it was an expensive trial, one which we won’t be repeating.


Whaleoil Restaurant rating – Homa Cafe Whangaparaoa – 0 out of 5.