Rodney Hide responds to The Press and Martin van Beynen

Martin van Beynen wrote a hit piece on me in The Press yesterday.

In his considered opinion I deserve a smacking.

So errant cricketer Jesse Ryder wants to fight rogue blogger Cameron Slater in a charity punchup in Christchurch next month.

It looks like a match-up made in heaven – but for a few little issues.

The first is that Ryder has not that long ago been in hospital with what appears to be a major head trauma.

He maintains he has had medical clearance but I wonder what the medical staff who looked after him and restored him back to health think of him putting himself at needless risk.

Ryder, who has squandered his natural cricketing talents through ill-discipline, already seems short of a few brain cells and you have to wonder if this is the sort of risk he should be taking.

It may have escaped van Beynen’s attention that this is a charity boxing match, both Jesse and I are getting in the ring for Kidscan…not for anything else, although there is considerable personal physical benefits including rapid weightloss and seeking out a challenge. I’ve now?met Jesse and he has had as torrid a time with media as I have…we are kindred spirits as far as that goes. ?He’s a quiet and humble bloke…not at all that has been portrayed by media scum.

Slater’s participation is not much more than a public-relations stunt.

As one of the country’s most loathed and tainted figures, he may see the fight for charity as a way to make amends and show that deep down he is a brave and worthy bloke who is prepared to front up to the country and redeem himself through pugilism.

I would rather see him redeem himself by spending a year washing dishes in a Salvation Army refuge for the homeless but, I guess, with his good connections in business and elsewhere, he should raise a pretty penny for charity.

Redeeming…let me get this straight…I stole no-ones emails in a brazen hack job to subvert an election, I broke no laws, I’ve been cleared by no less than 3 inquiries as having done nothing wrong…and I need redeeming? For playing the game that I love?

Shows how wonky the thinking is in mainstream journalism. A publicity stunt? Possibly, I’m a promoters dream as evidenced by the wall to coverage of any appearance I make.

There is no doubt Slater deserves a bit of a smack but unless he has physical fighting talents not immediately evident to date, he should not be getting in the ring with Ryder, who may also be out to prove something.

It looks very much like a disaster waiting to happen.

Even if both men emerge alive, the thought of a victorious Ryder lording it over a prostrate Slater, splayed across the ring like a spatchcocked chicken, is an image too awful to contemplate.

No doubt it will all be glossed over as good fun in a good cause but there are better ways of raising money for charity.

For instance, maybe Jesse could get his act together, play some decent cricket and donate his earnings to a good cause.

Slater could do some charitable works on the West Coast.

Now that would show he has a genuine taste for danger and repentance.

What a cock. He believes too much what he reads from his corrupt pals in the media. I think he may well be surprised.

Rodney emailed me his response to this stupidity, when he sent it it was languishing in moderation but has now since been released.

He says:


Your column says more about you than Jesse or Cam.

You write, “There is no doubt Slater deserves a bit of a smack.” So in your world there are adults deserving physical violence? And why, pray tell, is Cam deserving of a “bit of a smack”? Because he writes stuff you find offensive or disagree with? I would have thought in light of recent events you would be a bit mindful of advocating physical violence because someone writes (or draws) things you find disagreeable and wrong-headed especially so given you are a journalist and columnist.

You describe Cam, “As one of the country’s most loathed and tainted figures”. On what basis do you reach this conclusion? Or is that just your loathing coming through? I note that Cam’s blog “Whaleoil” has over 100,000 readers a day. That’s more than you, probably more than The Press has subscribers. He can’t be that loathed and tainted. Are you jealous?

I don’t know that much about Cam or Jesse but your column tells me you are a nasty fellow habouring some very violent feelings.

Maybe you should think again about hopping into the ring to let some of it out?


Rodney Hide

Heh. With a circulation of just 66,795 I certainly outrank their stupid old style publication.


– The Press