Show us the report Len

Where is the central wharves strategy report?

Auckland Council has for some time been secretly planning to open up the central wharves of Captain Cook and Bledisloe. It is for example – about to embark on a significant spending spree to pedestrianise Quay Street and reduce vehicle traffic down to two lanes.

The Wharves are the next step. Personally I don’t have a problem with opening the wharves up into the public realm. But I do have a problem with the way Council goes about it. Simply put – they are not transparent, and when put to the test – they tell lies about it.

Regional Planner Penny Perrit is on the record as saying a non complying activity status for reclamation of the port was indefensible. But it turns out they have plenty of advice to the contrary.

I have it on good authority that Council went about concocting a story around the activity status to make it easy for the port to go through reclamation.

Why? Because Council wants the central wharves and Ports of Auckland will only release the wharves if the activities upon them are relocated elsewhere in the area. A bargaining chip it became. ?

The problem is Council then went about producing a report to strategise how the port activities could be relocated.

And it is this report we all need to see.

Of course Council don’t want it publicised and are desperate to hide it because it is proof they have been lying.

It is yet more proof that Auckland Council operates in a two faced manner. The report will show that whilst good intentioned work to open up the waterfront is considered -that they will break laws and play dirty tricks with the public to get to desired end result.

Getting Ports of Auckland to use Mai Chen to say that a non-complying activity status is indefensible was the trick. The problem is Mai Chen is no expert on Resource Management. I don’t even know if she has been inside that Court. But Mai Chen is also a purported to be a consultant to Auckland Council and Len Brown’s office. She’s conflicted if so, and working to help the boys. In short – a stitch up of the highest magnitude.

It’s dodgy and smells like a stinky rat. Council are as always – up to their sneaky tricks and telling wild porkies.