Simpson Grierson stiffed for $2M

Internet giant Kim Dotcom still owes Simpson Grierson $2 million, the High
Court at Auckland has heard.

The figure came out during cross examination before Justice Patricia?Courtney, by the Police lawyer David Boldt.

He wants $200,000 per month for living expenses and has also asked for what?he deems reasonable legal fees – that figure has not come before the court this?morning but NBR understands is about $3-4 million.

Mr Dotcom recently changed legal counsel after Simpson Grierson withdrew …?as did his Queen’s Counsel Paul Davison.

He said under oath he has already spent $10 million on legal fees, and needs?more. Mr Dotcom said that Simpson Grierson was still owed about $2 million,?and Mr Davison half a million.

Knock?me over with a feather. ?Legal firms that let you run up a tab. ? ?But hold on a minute – isn’t agreeing for services to be performed knowing full well you don’t have the money to pay for it fraud? ?

Mr Dotcom said Simpson Grierson had told him they were withdrawing from?the case because he could not pay. However he said he’d heard Simpson?Grierson had appointed Tony Ryall to be its “rainmaker” and he believed that?having him as a client would not help the firm. However he said that was?speculation.

I heard Dotcom has a history of not paying his bills. ?But, that can also be speculation.

He said he needs $2.4 million per year, to live in the $32 million mansion.?When asked why he couldn’t shift house, he said his family has invested $9?million in improving the house so it would be unfair to ask him to move.

Unfair? ?People in Glen Innes are being asked to move house. ?They also think it’s unfair. ? Unfair or not unfair, if he can’t pay the laywers, I suppose he isn’t paying his rent either.

Mr Dotcom said he still wants to buy the home, where his kids play: “we have?a lot good memories other than stuff like the raid.”

He can’t buy the home. ?The OIO won’t allow it. ? The man has too many risks associated with him. ?So that’s a pipe dream as much as him wanting to become an MP.

He’s got to be the most affluent broke person I know. ?Lives in a mansion, has staff, needs $200,000 a month for basic living expenses. ?Anything less “wouldn’t be fair”.

I think we’re past fair Kim. ?We want just.


– Victoria Young, NBR