SkyCity is Darth Vader

Steven Joyce?s chances of becoming John Key?s successor must surely be ?reducing by the day.

His ?deal? with SkyCity (i.e. we give you a controversial gambling law change for one national convention centre) is being changed by SkyCity.

Looks like Joyce has managed to set up a Darth Vader vs Lando situation with SkyCity playing Darth.

In response to John Key?s refusal to rule out forking out taxpayer money (having run a whole election campaign that the convention centre won?t cost you or I a cent) the Taxpayers? Union has gone feral.

The whole idea of the SkyCity deal was that Auckland?would get an international class convention centre, paid for by SkyCity, in return for various concessions to the casino. That?s bad enough, but with Mr Key?s refusal to rule out taxpayer cash, it appears that SkyCity is about to hit the jackpot.

It was never suggested or intended that the taxpayer or ratepayer would have to shoulder any of the burden. If SkyCity underestimated the cost of the centre when they signed the deal, that’s their problem.

Any taxpayer support is nothing less than corporate welfare, no matter how the Government spins it.

Joyce and Key need to play hard ball with these guys.

They need to tell Sky City the lay of the land…that their extension to their exclusive casino licence will be undone under urgency, their new limit of pokie machines will be slashed to below that it was prior to the deal…or it can all remain in place but SkyCity sucks up the extra cost.

It isn’t the government’s fault that SkyCity can’t plan properly.

We have to stop doling out corporate welfare in?the?form of subsidies to bandits like SkyCity who think they can do stand over on the government.