Sledge of the Day

Things aren’t going so well for Andrew Little.

Yesterday he had the first question in the house and straight away off the primary question he got smashed in the face by John Key.

To add to his misery his follow up question also copped him a right hook, followed by a left hook with the second supplementary.

The fact that Andrew Little wasn’t aware of Labour’s own housing spokesman’s position on social housing shows complete political ineptitude.

Clearly his office is either working for someone else are are completely tits.

They should war game all possible answers that Key could give so Little doesn’t like like a gulping fish on the wharf when he gets smashed back. They failed on this one and set their own leader up for a fall. The stern and concerned look of Darren Hughes’ Landlady says it all.

The political management of of Labour is woeful as they trip from one blunder to the next.

Why didn’t Little run his question past Twyford first?

If he did then why didn’t Twyford suggest to his boss that the approach he was taking might well backfire?

Either way it shows the political management isn’t up to much and Labour are still unfit to govern.

So far Andrew Little is going to be pushing the proverbial uphill to get even one positive news story a week.

John Key smashed Andrew Little who had to resort tot he nasty and name calling to try to crawl out of it.


– In the House