Super 8 Boxing: Monty Beetham v Adam Hollioake added to card



March 28th 2015



Two months after stopping Carlos Spencer in a one-sided pro bout, Monty Betham has been called out by former English cricket captain Adam Hollioake to fight in the SUPER 8 in Christchurch on March 28th at Horncastle Arena. ?

Hollioake called out Betham on Twitter, and the former Warriors skipper and Kiwi league forward was happy to oblige at the chance to get back in the ring. Monty Betham is out to give former England cricket captain Adam Hollioake a lesson in the boxing ring.

“I just want to box, I love boxing and I think it’s great,” said Betham. “The want to get in the ring is one thing, but also the want to get in the ring and probably give him a boxing lesson. No maliciousness, I just want to get in there and show him that to call someone out is probably not the best thing to do, especially if you’re going to get a bit of a backlash.”

Hollioake is an accomplished fighter and is the only international cricketer to become a professional MMA fighter. In addition to five cage fights, he has also had three professional boxing bouts with just a single loss on points.

“Monty is a good fighter. There’s no good in me coming out there and challenging someone who is rubbish. The whole idea is to challenge someone that people rate – everyone rates Monty Betham highly.”