Tell John Key to man up

John Key and Steven Joyce are so off the radar of mainstream opinion on SkyCity that we should be doing all we can to make sure that they man up and tell Sky City to go fly a kite.

The left are jumping on the bandwagon because they see it as a way to stop stupidity tax. But the way I see it is that SkyCity made a deal and John Key needs to ensure they deliver.

The Taxpayers Union has launched a petition they intend to deliver to Parliament. I?ve already signed it.

Sign the petition to stop taxpayer money going to SkyCity.? ?

John Key needs to find the stones to tell SkyCity where to shove their deal if they don’t deliver the 3,400 – 5,000 people convention centre which was promised.

Holding the government over the barrel and designing a centre only half the promised size is just a shakedown.

If the “Smiling Assassin” is reading this – I say sort this mess out and tell SkyCity to take a running jump.

And?preferably before the Northland by-election.

Otherwise this one’s going to keep bleeding.