The answer is a lot

Karl du Fresne raises an interesting question after the David Cohen episode.

The most interesting aspect of the non-story to me is the revelation that Cohen was engaged to work for the Labour Party.

I know that freelance journalism is a precarious way to make a living, and that there?s a powerful temptation to take work wherever you can get it. But conflict of issues arise when people who comment on matters of public interest (Cohen is National Business Review?s media columnist) are simultaneously involved in political work behind the scenes. ??

I suspect this goes on much more than we know. Cohen has come out in the open because was he understandably pissed off at not being paid. Otherwise his relationship with Labour would probably have remained secret. How many other notionally independent commentators, I wonder, are potentially compromised by connections we don?t know about?

The answer is a lot…and the ones to go looking at first are the ones who were most vociferous in attacking me over Dirty Politics.

Especially if they are Herald columnists.


– Karl du Fresne