The Bully Brigade, Ctd – Crisis meeting in Wellington


Looks like the boys at the New Zealand Fire Service are reading Whaleoil.

There is a ?crisis meeting? in Wellington today to talk about the serious issues raised on the blog.

The NZFS Strategic Leadership Team and the Operational Leadership team know they have a problem.

Are they worried? They should be.

The tip-line has received numerous emails from people within the NZFS very keen on airing their stories about the bullying behaviour by the likes of Brad ?the Munter? Mosby, Tim ?The Tool? Evans, Brendon Nally, Ron Devlin, Stu Rooney?

Whaleoil?s investigation into these allegations has opened a floodgate of people wanting to have their say. ?

Numerous complaints received paint Brad ?The Munter? Mosby as a key figure in what is a growing bullying scandal within the NZFS.

And while Kaiapoi certainly has borne the brunt of the bullying and intimidation, emails coming into Whaleoil show these issues are more widespread, potentially creating unsafe workplaces.

Emails show firefighters too afraid to say anything inside the NZFS as complaints are often not only ignored by management, but those that dare raise issued end up getting bullied out of the service.

Worse still, instead of taking action to root out the ratbags, management simply shifts the deck-chairs around promotes these ratbags to National Headquarters in Wellington.

Accusations against senior management are numerous and include shocking allegations of using police records against members, breaches of people?s privacy and numerous personal grievances against senior personnel that are simply ignored.

Comments show members of the Strategic Leadership Team and Operational Leadership Team ignoring the issues, blaming someone else instead of taking responsibility, internal policies not being followed, favouritism, inconsistent treatment for ?same issues? and the list goes on, and on.

While the buck stops at the top with Paul Baxter, the front line firefighters have lost confidence in his ability to bring about the necessary organisational change. Racing around the country on photo-ops handing over flash new fire appliances isn?t helping his reputation.

There?s also not a lot of hope in the Chief Executive Rob Pope who failed to address the cultural issues in the Police so got the ?don?t come Monday? message loud and clear.

The flip side is that comments to the tip-line also come from firefighters who say that the bullying and dislike of volunteer firefighters is not widespread, and that there are some great, responsible, dedicated managers and firefighters within the NZFS. This shows there is a glimmer of hope.

As a result of Whaleoil?s investigations, insiders within the NZFS are seeing this blog as the vehicle for putting some much needed sunlight on the ratbags within the proud New Zealand Fire Service.

Happy to oblige.