The Bully Brigade – Who’s Who, Ctd


L-R Brendan Nally, Ron Devlin, Brad ?The Munter? Mosby

On Saturday I posted about the level of noise being generated from the dodgy bullying that is happening within the New Zealand Fire Service.

A few key names keep reappearing on the tip-line. But the problems don?t just sit with Brad ?The Munter? Mosby, or Tim ?The Tool? Evans at Kaiapoi. They go much deeper, right into the halls of power at NZFS HQ. ?

What is clear is that Brad ?The Munter; Mosby has a real bee in his bonnet about the volunteers at the Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire brigade. His distaste for the volunteers is such that it seems he goes out of his way to find ways to undermine and sack people on spurious grounds, all in order to flick the job of Chief Fire Officer to one of his lackeys.

While this is going on, both Brad ?The Munter? Mosby and his side-kick Tim ?The Tool? Evans face serious formal complaints of harassment from other members of the Brigade.

NZFS management doesn’t seem to want to know about it.

But as sunlight plunges into the depths of the NZFS, it is clear that the rot flows right into the heart of the NZFS management, with ratbags on the Operational Leadership Team well and truly caught up in the fray.

While Assistant National Commander Brendan Nally has been exposed on Whaleoil, the tip-line suggests other managers on the Operational Leadership Team have their own problems ensuring that if one goes down, the rest will go down as well.

Whaleoil has heard of of a cover-up of Assistant National Commander Ron Devlin getting arrested and convicted of drink-driving NZFS vehicles, yet still remains in his job. There are also reports of numerous personal grievances against another Assistant National Commander Stu Rooney, but instead of taking a stance against bullying, Rooney was instead promoted.

While this paints a picture of doom and gloom, there is a glimmer of hope. Other comments coming in via the Tipline tell of regions seeing off the bullies and now having a ?proactive and inclusive area management team?.

As with cozy old-boys clubs such as the Operational Leadership Team, it all boils down to power and who controls what.

There is a power play going on with the NZFS due to the fact they currently do not have jurisdiction over all the volunteer brigades.

Currently, the volunteer brigades services are to the Fire Service Commission, chaired by ex-Minister Wyatt Creech, ? not to the NZFS. But as the NZFS provides the equipment, training, control and command at incidents, NZFS think they should also control the day-to-day activities of the brigades.

However, with the prevailing smug NZFS attitude and behaviour shown towards the volunteer brigades, it is no wonder firefighters at the coal-face have lost faith in the leadership of the organisation and see it as a simple lust for power.

The question will be whether Chief Executive and National Commander Paul Baxter has what it takes to sort out the culture of bullying prevalent within the NZFS.

As Baxter has been in charge for a while now, the answer is clearly no.

Ultimately, the responsibility will fall on one person – Peter Dunne, the Minister of Internal Affairs, and Honorary Member of the Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade. Will he step in an sort out the mess?