The spreading ‘Cancer’ of Anti-Semitism imported by Muslim immigrants

One of the results of allowing immigrants to enter a country is that they will integrate into the population. ?Of course, this doesn’t always work out, especially when you are importing people with a deep hatred for Jews.

Franklin Graham called out Islam for causing a new rise in anti-semitism across Europe and similar growth in the United States, as Muslim immigrants import their hatred against Jews and Christians.

In a Facebook post Graham said, “The enemy known as anti-semitism is not at the gate, it has already come through the gate, and it is time we wake up and realize the dangers of Islam.”

This “cancer,” Graham said, is due “largely from the influx of Muslim immigrants who are importing their hatred of Jews and Christians.” He goes on to call it a “poison to all freedom-loving people” adding that it “should be stopped.”


Look at the quantity of likes… 54,417. ?On?one?Facebook update. ? ?But that’s not all…



Politicians are running scared. ?We are in need of leaders, not people that will try to hose down and placate. ?There is no need to round up all the Muslims and shoot them in the town square, but the current climate of?doing nothing is what has the population running scared.

All they can see is radical Islam running amok while politicians tell the people just to calm down. ?They offer no path, no solution, no peace of mind.

Most of all, they offer no admission that there is a problem in the first place, which makes acting to solve a problem something on the far, far horizon.


– Truth Revolution