They keep stealing our stuff!

My apologies to Blubbergeddonites – they may have to look away for a minute…


In a quiz published on [Buzzfeed], titled “How Many of These Australian Foods Have You Tried?”, there are 33 options. Some the Aussies can keep: kangaroo steak, the chiko roll and iced vovo? Yes, vovo. But the pavlova and lamington? And the burger with beetroot!

The Oxford Dictionary settled the pavlova dispute in 2010 when it said the first recorded recipe appeared in New Zealand in 1927. It was in a book called Davis Dainty Dishes, published by the company behind Davis Gelatine.

At the time, Dr Helen Leach, a University of Otago lecturer, told the Daily Telegraph that she had found at least 21 pavlova recipes in New Zealand cookbooks by 1940, which was the year the first Australian ones appeared.

And, last year, The Guardian reported new proof had emerged of the lamington’s origin in Aotearoa.

“Fresh analysis of a collection of 19th-century watercolours by the New Zealand landscape artist JR Smythe, shows that in one portrait, ‘Summer Pantry’, dated 1888, a partially eaten lamington cake (originally known as the Wellington) is clearly visible on the counter,” it reported.

Prior to this find, the first known mention of the lamington was a recipe published in a Queensland newspaper in 1902.

Other Kiwi classics that are still safe include the Uncle Burger (with cole slaw, of course), and Georgie Pie.

Can you think of any other typically Kiwi foods that haven’t made it to the list yet?

At least they are safe from being pilfered by the Aussies. ? Culinary scum!


– Glen Scanlon, RNZ