Some thoughts on Little shafting the Greens, Sign of things to come?

Andrew Little had a major cock up saying that Maori should be able to write their own laws, something which it appears the Greens agreed to because they reckon his first major cock up is something different ?and something that no one cares about.

Norman said it was a “bad call” and is upset he?learned?of the decision through the media.

Now the Greens say Little has broken the law as well as convention.

The Intelligence and Security Committee Act 1996 states that the leader of the opposition must nominate representatives “following consultation with the leader of each party that is not in Government or in coalition with a Government party”.

A Green Party spokesman said this was Little’s first “big stuff up” and are calling on him to back down. ??

Earlier today Little said he wanted someone with “skills, understanding and experience” on the committee.

But the Greens’ spokesman said Little “can’t even read the legislation”.

There is some bad?news for the Greens in that Little can give them the bum’s rush any time he likes, as long as he has Winston?s support.

The Greens need to think back to 2005 when they last had a shot at being in government and Winston and Labour colluded to keep them out. Once again, through Helen Clark and rogering them until their piles bled.

The Greens need to stop whinging about stuff that nobody cares about and work out how they can do a deal with Winston to get into Government.

Kiwis don’t care about this stuff…it is literally out of sight out of mind even if the political tragics and idiots in the press gallery think it is important.


– Fairfax