Too much eye? ISIS morality police out in force


ISIS morality police attacked a young Syrian woman dressed in a full burkha and face veil – because they thought her eyes were too exposed.

The Al-Merced NGO said the woman was arrested in?Albuhamal, in the east of the country, along with two men who tried to protect her.

The charity also claimed women living in Mosul who offended the militant group’s strict dress code were being beaten by iron rods

Women living ?in ISIS-controlled territory in Syria and Iraq are made to follow strict rules, which they claim are based on Sharia law.

The Guardian?has reported the group demands women wear double-layered veils, loose abayas and gloves.

They are also made to go everywhere with a male guardian.

But it is not just women who are made to live within draconian laws.

Last month, ISIS published a code of conduct – including which horrific punishment went with each crime.

For example, those who commit adultery will be stoned to death if the adulterer was married and lashed 100 times and exiled if he or she was unmarried.

Those engaged in sodomy (homosexuality) will be sentenced to death, along with those who ‘spy for the unbelievers’.

I see now why Labour and the Green Taliban don’t want to send troops to sort this stuff out. ?It’s clear that ISIS?have?some very good rules and they are keen on implementing them. ?No need at all to get involved.


– Daily Mail