Train and cycling spotters now called experts?

Auckland Council run monthly propaganda seminars and the March seminar is on public transport.

It’s clearly a joke because the email says ‘register to hear from a range of experts who will outline the key transport issues facing Aucklanders …’


The list includes:

Pants down Len Brown – the guy just won’t give up;

Sudhvir Singh – of lobby group Generation Zero representing free loaders who want you to pay for things for them;

Peter Winder from the Council’s farcical ‘independent transport funding lobby board’ – which is nothing more than a council controlled lobby horse;

Patrick Reynolds – a career photographer, expert in nothing much really and staunch pinko public transport advocate come blogger who refuses to accept any view except his own;

Pippa Coom – the Ponsonby bike riding local board member;

Not one of these people is an expert in transport. In fact all of them have built careers in other fields.

Neither is Fran O’Sullivan who looks like she has found another government-funded (in this case local government) trough to sup from.

What they are – is Len’s most favoured public transport advocates.

The mouthy table thumping lot who believe that anyone opposed to public transport – is of the devil and should be burned at the nearest stake. These are fundamentalists. Not experts.

Obviously they can’t find anyone to support them. No real experts want to commit career suicide by publicly supporting the Mayor or his pet vanity projects.

Desperate times…


– tipline