Trotter on Little sleight of the Greens

Chris Trotter writes at The Daily Blog:

In the current political climate, Little is acutely aware that Labour?s close association with the Greens is a big political loser. Too many people who would like to vote Labour are declining to do so because they fear the influence of the Greens within what all the polls tell them would be a coalition government of the centre-left. It is one of the reasons why so many Labour supporters split their votes. They are happy to give their electorate vote to the Labour candidate, so long as, by party-voting National, they can keep the Greens out of government.

Clearly, by so publicly mistreating the Greens, Little hopes to convince potential Labour voters that his party is no longer willing to be lumped-in with Green ?extremism?. His message is clear: in any future coalition government the Greens will serve on Labour?s terms ? or not at all. ?

The Greens, having digested this latest helping of dead rat from their Labour ?friends?, should ask themselves (one more time, and with feeling!) how the job of being Labour?s left-wing conscience is working out. Has the strategy of locating the Green Party to the left of the empty ideological husk that Labour has become been a good thing or a bad thing in terms of advancing the Green agenda? If it?s been a bad thing (and Lord knows, after 15 years in the wilderness, it?s hard to characterise it any other way!) might it not be time to consider a new strategy? One in which the slogan ?Neither left, nor right, but in front!? is fleshed out programmatically in a way that leaves the Green?s parliamentary caucus open to offers from both sides of the political spectrum?

Andrew Little did the right thing.

He knows the Greens are ironically toxic. The electorate knows they are toxic too which is why Helen Clark shafted them over and over again.

Trotter is right their 15 years of adherence to hard left policies hasn’t exactly been a success.

Unless the Greens change…and I can’t see any movement in that regard then they are doomed to always having to grasp their ankles as the stronger LAbour party demands they assume the position for another electoral rogering in order to govern.


– The Daily Blog