Two dads to make a baby – no woman needed. It’s near

The other day I highlighted the increase of IVF for lesbian couples, and the recent research where stem cells taken from a woman can be turned into rudimentary sperm. ?I floated the idea of women not needing men to create a baby, and left you to discuss this.

In general, the opinion seemed to be that of two people wanted to make a human child and that child was wanted, who cared if it had no father and two mums?

I wonder if you can maintain this in reverse, as scientists are convinced that genetic material taken from two men will be sufficient to make a baby…

The researchers used the skin cells of five adults. Prior to this successful attempt, scientists had managed to create baby mice from engineered egg and sperm cells.

The research says that the gene SOX17, deemed insignificant in mice, turned out to be essential in the process of?reprogramming? human cells. Details were published in the Cell journal.

The specialist heading the Israeli side of the project, Jacob Hanna, said it may be possible to create a baby in just two years, and the gay community was particularly excited by the opportunity.

?It has already caused interest from gay groups because of the possibility of making egg and sperm cells from parents of the same sex,? he said.

Apart from helping same-sex families out, the study may prove efficient in dealing with infertility, in particular in those who survived childhood diseases like cancer.

There are always nice scenarios, like a man who had his bollocks shot off in the war coming home and wanting a baby with his bride.

But what are we going to do when Mark and Steve want to combine their skin cells to make a baby? ?And once we have this amount of control, why not go the whole hog and have ‘designer babies’?

As the Israeli researcher states, there is controversy connected with implementing the breakthrough discovery, both ethical and legal. The use of engineered sperm and egg cells could lead to changes in the law, the Sunday Times reported.

At the center of the ethical debate is the concept of people ?designing? their children, ahead of the motion to approve the so-called ?three-parent baby?technology at the House of Lords later this week.

Lately, leading scientists across the globe have been warning the UK government over their plans to introduce laws that would allow the production of embryos using genetic material from three adults.

I think for the time being two gay men would still need to find a willing woman to be a walking incubator, but I wouldn’t rule out the creation of an artificial womb in the foreseeable future.

50, perhaps 100 years from now, you go on the Internet and you order a baby using a menu. ?If you are a woman, you have the choice of IVF or a digital womb, if you’re a man, just the womb unless you can find a human surrogate.

Where does this end? ? Do you want it to end?


– RT