UK Cutting Benefits to Bludgers who won’t work

Welfare is a safety net, not a lifestyle choice. Ninety years of welfare has created intergenerational welfare dependency, and instead of accepting this, the Pommy Tory Party have been aggressively chasing people off welfare. They started by limiting the benefits any family can receive to twenty six thousand quid, which drove people to work. Previous some families were receiving double this, maying work very unattractive.

Now Iain Duncan Smith has started nailing bludgers who aren?t looking for work.

More than 466,000 people have their benefits suspended including 2,000 who are barred from claiming for three years

Nearly half a million people have had their benefits suspended over the past year after they failed to do enough to find work, turned down job offers or missed Jobcentre appointments, according to new figures.

A total of 466,000 people were hit by sanctions which saw them barred from claiming Job Seekers Allowance for an average of between four weeks and three months.

However, 2,000 repeat offenders were hit by significantly harder sanctions and had their benefits stopped for the next three years, including 49 single parents and 978 people under the age of 24.

Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, hailed the figures as evidence that the sanctions system is deterring people from offending after the proportion of people sanctioned fell by 18 per cent.

He said that “there should be consequences” when people “don’t play by the rules”: “The vast majority of people on benefits want to work ? and take up all the support on offer to move into a job. We can see this from the record numbers of people in work and falling unemployment. ?

?But where people don?t play by the rules: don?t accept the support on offer, or refuse to take work, it?s only right that there should be consequences.

?Sanctions are a key part of the contract we have with jobseekers. We must not forget that it is hardworking British taxpayers who fund the welfare system, and we have a duty to them to ensure their taxes are spent fairly.?

What a good policy. Rights come with responsibilities and society shouldn?t fund those who refuse to try and just stick their hands out.

As usual Labour get it wrong.

However Frank Field, a Labour MP, said: “The Government is keen enough to leave people with no money for weeks and months on end, and yet it doesn?t know where a third of people end up after they?ve been sanctioned.

“Nor does it want to tell us how big the total ?fines? are as a result of its sanctions strategy. While we can?t be sure how much this might be, it is probably greater than what magistrates make from fining people; and at least in the courts people can actually speak on their behalf against the decision.”

Yes Frank, there goes a lot of votes from those who work and pay taxes and can?t see why dole bludgers should be allow to permanently go on the bludge.


– The Telegraph