UK Labour introduce “Barbie Bus” to appeal to women voters

I’ll leave Jon Olliver, a Brit, to explain it – as he did to his US audience.

If you thought New Zealand Labour were totally useless when it comes to electioneering and keeping control of the message (remember the #manban?), it seems Miliband’s strategy team are even less endowed.

How did that campaign strategy meeting go, then? Was it the Woman?s Hour poll last week that showed that more than a third of women have yet to decide how to vote and that young women are serially uncertain? Or the Mumsnet poll before Christmas that suggested the Labour lead among women was shrinking, down from 14 points to nine? The lingering impression that David Cameron has a women problem ? his ?Flashman? persona finally beginning to count against him? Or the research that shows women tend to be less engaged with the political process than men? And, whichever one it was, in what way will bussing female Labour MPs around the country help?

What a way to lose votes.

But then Labour have a habit of picking vote losing strategy.


– Guardian, Last Week Tonight