UK pressures NZ to face up to ISIS responsibilities


Not that John Key will mind, but the pressure for New Zealand to join the fight against ISIS is coming from the larger coalition partners, including the UK

The British Foreign Secretary has labelled New Zealand “family” and hopes it will join the fight against Islamic State.

Phillip Hammond is in New Zealand for the first time today for a meeting with New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully and Prime Minister John Key.

He also issued a stark reminder to New Zealand, saying it is not immune to threats of terrorism regardless of how remote its location might seem.

The pair held a joint press conference at Parliament this afternoon where Mr Hammond said the menace of terrorism, including from IS, affects everyone.

“If we go back a year, a couple of years, I guess most people in Australia would have thought that Australia was not going to see an act of terrorism such as the Lindt Cafe a few weeks ago,” he says.

“Frankly we’ve got used to New Zealand being there alongside us – the US, UK, Australia – as part of the family.”

“We’d very much hope New Zealand will be an active participant in the fight which is all of our fight, but I say again, the Iraqis are not asking us to fight their war for them, they’re asking us to help train their people,” Mr Hammond said.

Mr McCully says its newly acquired temporary seat on the UN Security Council does not change its decision about whether to join the fight against IS because they are “separate considerations”.

We are already committed. ?The current information/PR process is just in place to soften up the public. ?Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into another timeline issue down the track. ?It has already been observed that personnel?started “preparing” months ago. ?Decisions can be informally made while letting the opposition and the public think they have an active voice in the process by continuing a fake debate that will lead to a foregone conclusion.

The Sydney and Paris lone-wolf non-Islamic gunmen events haven’t hurt National’s position of course.


– Simon Wong, 3 News