The ‘unassisted suicide’ of old media

Andrew Sullivan ceases blogging today, and one of his final posts is a discussion of modern media developments by old media companies.

CBC interviewed him about native advertising:

Sullivan?s case against native advertisement is powerful and succinct. ?It is advertising that is portraying itself as journalism, simple as that,? he told me recently. ?It is an act of deception of the readers and consumers of media who believe they?re reading the work of an independent journalist.?

Advertisers, he says, want to buy the integrity built up over decades by journalists and which, in the past, was kept at arm?s length. Now they will happily pay to imitate it: ?The whole goal is you not being able to tell the difference.? Sullivan?s argument is so doctrinaire, so principled, that it makes bourgeois practitioners of the craft, like me, squirm.

The NZ Herald and Fairfax are donkey deep with?native advertising sponsored content branded content?ads disguised as journalism…it is their new business model.

Sad to see Andrew Sullivan quit, He was an inspiration for my own blogging.


– The Dish, CBC