Understanding the evil of the left wing

Yesterday we saw the public representatives of the left-wing stand in parliament and show their unwillingness to help those in suffering. They should hold their heads in shame, but that is for the next post.

What you need to understand is what those public figures represent, in all its appalling clarity. These comments are from various left wing blogs, I read them so you didn’t have to.

Weka at The Standard:

If the choice is between supporting the US and a cafe terrorism once a decade, I think we should take the cafe.

So innocent victims of terrorism is ok with this person because at least we aren’t supporting the US.

Lynn Prentice, the world’s greatest sysop, now also the world’s greatest solver of Middle East conflict:

As it stands, I?m starting to think that it would be an interesting case for an old imperialistic solution. Let their stable neighbours (ie not Syria) partition it along more rational lines and occupy it under a UN protectorate for a decade or so to stabilize the society. Charge the cost and a large profit to the US and UK taxpayers who were stupid enough to cause the problem.

So which stable neighbours of Syria and Iraq are you suggesting Lynn? I can only think of one…Israel, yeah like that is going to happen.

Tiger Mountain at The Standard thinks it is all a plot manufactured by the US:

this has been a textbook example of ?manufacturing consent? at the behest of 5 Eyes and Uncle Sam, from snooping law changes, front page/TV news leading with gruesome IS videos, increased passport sanctions, a visiting Iraqi politician, to even the Westfield mall video that has been around for some time apparently, surfacing in msm on the very day cabinet was firming up a position!

The answer is to not participate in or support imperialist wars. To put diplomatic pressure on via the Security Council and trading partners to not support IS in any shape or form. To run a truly independent foreign and trading policy. To lavish aid on the vulnerable including various stripes of Kurds.

Draco T Bastard says it is a local issue, leave well alone:

The only people who should be taking on ISIS militarily are the people who actually live there. We should give support to the crushing if ISIS so that a new civilisation, based upon their own culture, arises in the area. But this, to, is fraught with danger as the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS from Western support shows.

So in his world poofs parading down Ponsonby Road is a celebration of LGBTI lifestyle but ISIS chucking them off buildings is a problem for the locals to solve. Slut Walks are an exercise in freedom to wear what you like, but subjugation of women, enslaving them and demeaning them with the burqa is meh…something the locals can deal with.

Don’t worry, Be Happy thinks the 1% are behind it all:

If ISIS did not exist it would be necessary to invent it. The 1% are scared of what is coming and how we are all going to behave. They need as much draconian control in place as they can get in the dying days of democracy.

They clearly don’t believe in democracy.

One Anonymous Bloke rants:

As Nicky Hager made clear on RNZ this morning, our hands are already covered in blood. Club membership is obscene sophistry. Gang initiation would be a more apt description.


Let?s round up all the people with better ethics than us, and murder them. That way we?ll always occupy the moral high ground.

and apparently it is all our fault and John Key must die.

You voted: you took part in the process and must accept your responsibility for the outcome.

Key?s proposal is that soldiers and Sunnis die for his war crimes. My personal opinion is that we should make him a scapegoat: turn him over to the Caliph, as a symbolic gesture of injustice and criminal negligence.

It?s only by embracing our trash that we can own it, and by owning it, become better global citizens. A sort of cathartic national self-disgust. Starting with Key in a box.

I could go on and on and on, but this is the “The Standard” of conversation in just two posts.

This is what the grassroots left wing thinks, and this is what the Labour and Green politicians embrace.

The left-wing really is evill, that they would do nothing.

They forget their past, and the fact that it was a Labour government that committed us, properly, to defeating Nazi Germany…if Andrew Little was PM back then he would be saying it isn’t our fight, it is just for the people of Europe.

Their cowardice to do what is right disgusts me.