US Charter Growth 14% in one year

While PPTA, NZEI, the LAbour aprty and other assorted loons are still holding to their “failed model overseas” lines, while producing no evidence to support their claims, it appears no one appears to have told parents who are voting with their feet and sending their =kids in increasing numbers to charter schools.

The Washington Post reports:

The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools estimates in a new reportthat 2.9 million children now attend U.S. charter schools, up 14 percent from last school year.

More than 500 new charter schools opened in the 2014-2015 school year and 200 charters were closed for reasons ranging from poor academic performance to financial problems, according to the organization. ?

California, Florida and Texas had the largest numbers of new schools as well as the largest numbers of closures. Eighty-seven schools opened in California, for example, while 34 closed, a net gain of 53. California now has 1,184 charter schools, according to the report, with an estimated enrollment of nearly 550,000, by far the largest charter enrollment of any state.

The days of union dominated schools and education are coming to an end, we need to hasten this by extending charter schools in NZ.

When idiots like John Minto produce opinion pieces without a shred of evidence, or cherry pick a couple of bad eggs it diminishes their fallacious arguments every time.

So far not a shred of credible evidence has been produced by LAbour or the teacher unions to support their arguments. What has been produced has been proven to be as dodgy as their claims to care for kids.


– Washington Post