Want the government to give you a free house?

Now, don’t laugh, one ‘social’ housing provider is asking exactly that – give us the house for free.

A community housing provider has told the Government that it won’t buy state houses when they’re put up for sale this year unless the price is zero.

Look if they are selling it for $0, I’ll buy a few myself. ?(what the hell?)

Neil Binnie of the Bays Community Housing Trust on Auckland’s North Shore told Cabinet ministers Bill English and Paula Bennett at their first consultation meeting on state-house sales that a price of zero was the only way to fund both buying houses and redeveloping them.

“We are not interested in buying a house just to put another person in, but we are interested in buying houses for redevelopment. That would mean it makes more housing available,” he said. “However, when we buy and build, the rent that we get if we are lucky, depending on interest rates, will cover the cost of building the property. That leaves zero for buying the property.”

What Mr Binnie wants is land. ? ?Why hasn’t anyone told him that if you want to build something, you actually need land. ?Not a house on land. ??

Mr Binnie said the trust had in the past been able to build new social housing with capital grants from the government, but those were no longer available.

“Right now, when we have competitive tendering, my tender for your property will be zero, and I don’t think it’s likely to win.

Well, at least he’s got that right. ? Although, just in case, I might just put in a tender for $1, in case I get lucky, and also to stifle Mr Binnie’s plans for world domination of the social housing market on the back of the tax payer giving him free houses and land to do it.

Surely the government would laugh at Mr Binnie?

Mr English did not directly dismiss either option, but hinted that the first 1000 or 2000 state house sales would be in areas that did not need redevelopment, rather than in Auckland. “You’ll just have to wait and see in February and March whether that applies in Auckland or not,” he said.

Oh roger me with a fondue fork… Mr English did not directly dimiss the idea of giving Housing New Zealand properties away for free to people who will then build on the land and promise to provide social housing.

What’s happened over the holidays? ?Have all the National MPs been hit over the head or something?


– NZ Herald