Was Robbo white-anting Little too?

Was Grant Robertson white-anting Andrew Little too?

Rob Hosking at NBR seems to think so.

[P]erhaps the most revealing aspect is to do with Mr Little?s colleagues ? what has and what has not happened.

First, what has not: there has been no rush by Labour MPs to defend their leader. Mr Little is very much on his own on this, in Parliament and elsewhere.

Usually, in such matters, with a leader in trouble, colleagues run interference, at question time in Parliament and in the media.

This time: nothing.

Second, what did happen: there was the odd, apparent stuff up, by Mr Little?s leadership rival Grant Robertson, at Parliamentary questions yesterday.

With government ministers desperately keen for the chance to enhance Mr Little?s discomfiture by raising the issue of the unpaid bill, Mr Robertson?s questions to Finance Minister Bill English provided them with just that opportunity.

Asking whether the decision not to cut ACC levies was at to be the result of competently managing and growing the economy, rather than ?ripping off workers and businesses,? Mr English gleefully pointed out that ?it is not the right day for the Labour Party to be talking about ripping off the workers. I mean, at least the workers pay some levy, whereas Andrew Little did not pay any of the bill.?

Now, Mr Robertson is a wily and experienced performer at question time. As a politician, Parliamentary ducks and drakes is by far what he is best at: in fact, his major fault is he often appears to think it is the whole point of politics to score some sort of debating point on the floor of Parliament.

He may have simply messed things up here. But it seems awfully unlikely. And given the general silence from Labour MPs who are not Mr Little himself on the issue, one can only draw the conclusion this relatively minor matter is in the process of ripping open old internal divisions.

Trevor Mallard, Phil Twyford and now Robertson…all leaving great big land-mines for Andrew Little who is increasingly looking out of control of his own caucus.

This all adds to the perception that Andrew Little is unfit to lead the Labour party, and as a consequence unfit to govern.

Added to that is his forgetfulness and subsequent angry attack after failing to pay a modest bill all it would have taken was a “Look, I completely forgot about that and as soon Mr Joyce reminded me of it I took care of it. It was my mistake, and I have apologised to Mr?Cohen?directly”.

Problem solved.

But to admit making a mistake like that, is to admit that the far busier Mr Key cannot be expected to know every detail about everything, even if someone once told him that detail. Attacking Key on such things is all?Labour has and Andrew Little has just removed that as an attack.

If he can’t remember a bill he’s being reminded about, how is John Key supposed to remember a single text or phone call from??years ago?

It seems there some serious destabilisation going on with Andrew Little, helped of course by his own stuff ups.